Thursday, 1 December 2016

Paw Prints: The True Story of a Three-Pawed Dog by Steven F Freeman

This delightful children’s story is narrated by Nicky, a three-pawed dog hoping to find a forever home. (Synopsis below)

I have heard criticism of animal stories told from the animal’s point of view but I totally disagree.  I believe children connect more to the message and relate to the animal’s experience.

This is definitely the case with Paw Prints. It is not only a wonderful children’s story but explains to the reader what an unwanted puppy might experience emotionally. The story is well balanced with happy and sad moments and there is nothing in the story that would distress a child.

Yes, there is a happy ending.

It also teaches, not only children, but any dog owner or potential dog owner the needs of dogs such as the need to have an opportunity to run free for toys or activities when home alone as well as the importance of routines and understanding dog body language. So much in a simple, short story.
The illustrations by Hatice Bayramoglu are charming and the text font and size appropriate for children reading skills.

I am looking forward to being able to purchase a print edition of Paw Prints for my future grandchild.

I unhesitatingly give Paw Prints a 5* rating.


Nicky the three-legged Maltese wants a forever home but can't seem to find one. Follow his adventures as he encounters rescue workers, foster families, and a collection of other dogs. Some of the humans he meets are nice, but will he ever find a loving home of his own?