Monday, 24 March 2014

Ethriel: Blood Bonds (Thundous) by Joe Walker

This is the second book I have been asked to review that is not one of my preferred genres so I have no comparison to other books of this ilk. In fact I would normally walk straight past the fantasy section of the bookshop.

However, after reading the beginning of the book I was hooked from the start and grateful for the opportunity to read it.

The prologue sets the scene of a world divided between good and evil and how that came about.

Blood Bonds, the story of four unlikely allies, two humans, a beautiful blue elf princess and a giant half orc body guard.

The story begins when two slaves escape their cruel captor and enter the magical Golden Kingdom, a land of elves and unicorns.

Together they lead their people into battle against, goblins, evil green orcs, ice giants, giant spiders and trolls.

The succinct descriptive language paints clear word pictures and makes the story move along quickly. It is definitely compelling reading. The battle scenes in particular evoke emotion from the reader – emotions of panic, fear, excitement and success.

I am eagerly looking forward to the next instalment.

My rating 4*