Friday, 21 February 2020

Amazon has really annoyed me this time.

I have been writing reviews, mostly for independent authors, for 7 years and sharing the reviews on this blog, Goodreads, LibraryThing and Amazon.

When I started, I was only required to purchase books of small value to qualify posting reviews on Amazon. I was able to post on as well as the sites in the UK and Australia.

The first annoying change was because I had not purchased books through the UK site, I was no longer qualified to post reviews. It was particularly disappointing because I review books by an English author.

Then, Amazon put the value to be purchased up to $50 but as I had already been accepted, I was able to continue posting my reviews on

I logged into Amazon the other day to post my latest review for Manipulation by TR Robinson only to get an on-screen message saying I didn’t qualify to post a review. It would appear Amazon have changed their rules.

Not only do you have to purchase books initially to the value of $50 but you are required to spend that amount on a yearly basis AND you have to do that for every Amazon site you would like to participate in reviews. That means if I want to share my opinion in the UK, Australia and the US I must spend $50 per year per site!

Even if I could afford to spend that amount of money, I doubt I could read that many books on top of my own purchases through Australian bookshops and those already in my personal library. The other difficulty is when I try to purchase an eBook (a simple download) I am forced to purchase only through the Australian site.

Furthermore, when I wish to purchase a print edition book my first choice is Booktopia (an Australian company) It is cheaper, more affordable, has faster postage and I am supporting an Australian company.

So, where is the future of my reviews and support for indie authors? I will continue to read and review the books on my ‘to be read’ list’. I will also read and review for authors who regularly send me their new work and post the reviews on my blog and Goodreads. However, I will be advising them of the situation, and I won’t be promoting my free service to new authors. I will also post reviews on Booktopia for books I purchase from them.

It is such a shame Amazon have taken this course of action. I can only interpret their actions as money being more important than supporting up and coming authors.

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