Saturday, 10 December 2016

Making a Mark: Letter to a Grandson on the Story of European Painting by Marjorie Ann Watts

When it comes to art and the history of art I am ignorant and felt it would be appropriate for me to assess the content of Making a Mark from that aspect.

Having read Making a Mark I can now say I have a much greater appreciation of the evolution of art and how it was influenced by history, religion and governments. I believe it would also be of interest to both art and history students. The inclusion of short bios of famous artists and notes on terminology assists with the understanding of the subject.

Making a Mark covers the history and description of European art from ancient times to the 21st Century. It came about when the author’s grandson, out of the blue, asked “What is cubism?”. The question was followed by the firing of more questions as each was answered and explained.

I found the book to be well researched and written in language someone lacking in subject knowledge like myself can understand.

It is a shame that the variations of eBooks and eBook readers make including pictures so difficult. At the end of each section the author does recommend some paintings to research and I did look up each of them on the Internet but I can imagine some readers would not bother with this exercise. I am sure the inclusion of photographs would make a magnificent printed book.

I have given Making a Mark 3* but this is due to the absence of photographs. The inclusion of appropriate graphics would certainly make it worthy of 4* if not 5. It deserves to be published in print format.

My rating 3*

I received a free copy of Making a Mark in return for an honest review.

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