Friday, 27 February 2015

Confessions of a Paris Potty Trainer by Vicki Lesage

I have just visited Paris for the second time through Vicki Lesage’s writing. Vicki offered Confessions of a Paris Potty Trainer following my review of Confessions of a Paris Party Girl and I couldn’t wait to receive it. Both books were provided in return for an honest review.

In Confessions of a Paris Potty Trainer my friend Vicki is a new Mum (I say friend because that’s how her writing style makes you feel). She has matured, the partying is restricted due to two pregnancies but she is still lots of fun.

Because Vicki is a nerd and a bit of a perfectionist who prides herself on making detailed lists and being organised you’d think she would be able to sail through the difficulties of motherhood. Not so for Vicki.

When it all goes amiss the result is a very funny book book. Fortunately Vicki has the ability to laugh at herself and the mishaps that go on around her.

As with the first book her view of life in Paris as an American expat begins with typical Vicki Lesage humour describing her five month pregnancy check by a French midwife and carrying on from where her first book Confessions of a Paris Party Girl leaves off.  

In this book she links to tales she told in her first book; just enough for readers who have not read it but without over doing it for those who are familiar with her party and romantic escapades.

Confessions of a Paris Potty Trainer is fun, witty, honest, with a dash of sarcasm, and very readable. Vicki laughs at herself, French bureaucracy, the medical system, Paris apartments, strange people travelling the metro, watching people through her window, the French day care system and much more as she tells us about her marriage, her children and the two difficult pregnancies.

While she can laugh at life she has a softer side. It shows in her love for her husband and children and in these situations her stories are charming and delightful.

One of the things I always find interesting in Vicki’s writing is her amusing, often tongue in cheek, comparisons between France and other countries especially America. As an Australian I find these comparisons doubly interesting. Sometimes we side with the French (date is written day, month, year in Australia) sometimes with the Americans on the range of quirky differences.

She is a skilled writer; in fact, in her blog she gives tips for writing. If you are a budding author check out her “Behind the Scenes: Editing” post.

This was the first time I carried my Kindle with me so I could read ‘just a bit more’ at every possible moment. I hope this series of life in Paris will continue as the children grow.

My rating 4*