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The Memory Tree (Carson Chronicles Book 2) by John A Heldt

As I mentioned in my review of River Rising, this is the first time, due to a cliff hanger, I have gone straight onto the next book in the series, The Memory Tree. River Rising was the first in a series, the Carson Chronicles by John a Heldt. The Memory Tree the second in the series. I was not disappointed.

River Rising ends with the six Carson siblings travelling through a time portal from 1889 into 1918 after being chased by a posse in pursuit of Greg. The Memory Tree opens with the next scene as the siblings safely emerge in their new time. The posse also follow through, determined to capture Greg. With some quick thinking the posse is convinced they have travelled through time and need to return through portal if they are ever to see their families again – but to where and when do they go? A full ten minutes has lapsed, they could be anywhere in anytime.

The Carsons have moved onto 1918 to continue their search for for their missing parents.

Adam and his pregnant wife, Bridget set up home in a forest cabin outside Duluth Minnesota, becomes the headquarters for the rest of the family members who travel far and wide seeking to find their parents, Tim And Caroline through family members their parents plan to visit. They are unaware of a historic wildfire that will kill hundreds.

Greg, the family adventurer, seeks clues in his great-grandparents' Mexico, where, after illegally crossing the border from California, he once again finds himself in danger from enemies and in trouble with the police. He also falls in love with the feisty Patricia

At the same time, Natalie, the ambitious journalist, follows a trail to World War I France. Her experiences there bring home the horrors of war, but she also meets the relatives of Emma as well as some of her own ancestors.

Teen twins, Cody and Caitlin rekindle a friendship with Emma, an old Pennsylvania friend, and Cody’s first love, from 1889.
Before visiting they let Emma in on their time travel secret. Although the teens are still 18 and Emma nearly 30 years older the ties of their friendship remain strong.

The dangers and emotional ups and downs the family experienced in River Rising continue along with love and humour but the family is strong and individually supportive.

The story line is complex but Heldt makes it easy to follow by telling the saga through the experiences of the individual family members. This method, and the gripping storyline, also has the reader saying “just one more chapter”.

I love all the main characters. They are consistent with the first story which is a challenge for an author writing sagas and series. Some make some foolish mistakes but that is the reality of people and life. I felt I was beside them all the way on their quest.

Once again John A Heldt has brought us adventure and romance in a time travel story that is not sci-fi. There is even a brief, yet surprising encounter with another time traveller

It is possible to read these stories out of order but to truly experience the Carsons adventure I recommend reading them in order.

Why the title the Memory Tree? You’ll have to read the book, but I will say it is a beautiful and heart-warming part of the story.

There is a little mild swearing, no explicit sex and some mildly graphic action.

Why do we read books? For adventure, escapism, to learn? Whatever of these are your reason you will find it in a John A Heldt book. If you feel the need or have an occasion to binge read get yourself the Carson Chronicles (or any of Heldt’s series for that matter.
I look forward to each new story in this series and know when they finally finish, I will be missing some friends.

This book was provided to me for free for an honest and unbiased review.

My rating 5*

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