Friday, 30 January 2015

That's Paris: An Anthology of Life, Love and Sarcasm in Paris compiled by Vicki Lesage and Adria Cimino

When I was teaching good customer service practices one of the topics we spent quite a bit of time (and role plays) on was vocal communication. That is ‘how’ you say a word or phrase. With me? OK here’s one of the exercises – fold your arms slouch and say “I feel great”. Now sit up straight put a smile on your face and say it again. See the difference?

That’s just two examples of how our words come out and can be interpreted. Now let’s play around with the phrase That’s Paris.

Say it with a smile, a frown, a sigh, a giggle, an exclamation mark or a questions mark. Put the emphasis on That’s, now on Paris. Say it with an inflection. Get the idea? For your homework how many more was can you say it?

Whatever tone you use will give a different meaning and that’s what the variety of stories in That's Paris: An Anthology of Life, Love and Sarcasm is like.

They will make you laugh at the misunderstandings and miscommunication of expats, sigh and cry over love lost and found, scratch your head at the bureaucracy , salivate over descriptions of French (or will you?)

It’s well written, entertaining reading at its best and will have the reader absorbed and captivated at the many facets of life in Paris.

If you have read Confessions of a Paris Party Girl or Confession of a Paris Potty Trainer by Vicki Lesage you certainly won’t want to miss this book. There are three stories by Vicki and one by her Mum.

My rating 4*

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