Thursday, 1 January 2015

Men with Broken Faces by James Ostby

Men With Broken Faces is the story of an American soldier, Morgan Feeney,  and his comrades during WWI. The story covers from enlistment to his return after the war.


In the early part of the story I thought Ostby had ignored many of the horrors that the soldiers experienced in WWI but he skilfully builds his story to dramatically describe life for the soldiers in the trenches of France.

The story, and the post war traumas continues after Feeney returns home to take up farming in Montana. Once back Feeney experiences post war stress and anxiety similar those who return from Vietnam.

Men With Broken Faces is an excellent, well researched story. The author’s skill of vividly describing action scenes gives an all too true clarity. It is not just a story of war but its impact on the survivors’ post war. Ostby even manages to include a good dose of romance.

Unlike many WWI stories this is not heavy going and would be an excellent read for a generation of students not familiar with the history of WWI.

My rating 4*

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