Thursday, 20 April 2017

Her Next Door by T.R. Robinson

We have all done it. We have moved house and wondered what our next door neighbours will be like. Will they be friendly? Will they be noisy? Will they be complainers? There is no way of knowing what we are getting. No way of checking up on them before we buy that cottage we have dreamed of. But we never consider “will they try to take advantage of us?”

Tara found the perfect house. It needed some cleaning up and a paint job but it is her home with a garden; something she has dreamed of.

But will those dreams be ruined by the neighbours and their activities? She is naïve and naivety can be taken advantage of; or can it?

You will have to read this engaging short story to find out.

Robinson gets straight into the story which is a necessity when writing a good short story. It is well written with just the right amount of anticipation.

My rating 4 *

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