Monday, 21 April 2014

The Journey by John Heldt

When Michelle Preston is widowed she is financially comfortable, but has no family and no purpose in life. This is in the present time, 2010.

She ponders what road her life would have gone if she had not married her child hood sweetheart but followed her own career preferences.

An adventure triggered at a class reunion sees Michelle back in 1978. She manages to get a job at her old high school and meets her teenage self and friends form that time.

In an attempt to save one of her friends she turns history and her family becomes the threatened ones.  Michelle must do what she can to again turn things around.

Unlike the other John Heldt books I have read I didn’t immediately warm to Michelle but as the story progresses I came to both like and admire her and was very happy she found love and happiness she deserved. But how do things finally turn out? Like other the John Heldt books I didn’t pick the ending and I’m not going to tell you.

Her second chance at life gives Michelle the opportunities to not only find love, save friends but also live a meaningful life surrounded by those most dear. Michelle has to make decisions most people would have difficulty making.

The Journey combines not only interesting characters, great storyline and attention to detail; it also triggers a mix of emotions and reactions from the reader. It is not just heartrendingly emotional, the humour is delightful and even a character from The Mine makes a ‘cameo’ appearance.

Like many readers of John Heldt books, I now have a new favourite author.

My rating 5*