Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Adventures of Sherlock Bones: Doggone by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Congratulations to Lauren Baratz-Logsted on a delightful children’s introduction to the world’s most famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. Not only is The Adventures of Sherlock Bones: Doggone a wonderful children’s story it is an amusing light hearted read for adults. I was grinning all the way through the book.

Dr Catson lives at 221B Baker St. A mutual friend sends Sherlock Bones (a Great Dane who wears a deerstalker of course) to see her (yes her) thinking Dr Jane Catson’s house would be a suitable residence for the famous detective. On meeting, Bones greets the doctor with “Dr Catson I presume?”

Believing he is moving into the Baker Street house, Bones continually ignores Catson’s objections.

Dr Catson also objects to Bones assuming she will assist with the newest murder mystery but she is drawn in despite her desperate need for naps. The impact is both tiresome and exciting for Jane.

The other member of the household is Mr Javier, a turtle who is employed as Dr Catson’s butler and cook.

Humans and animals co-exist and the animals can talk. The key human characters are police offers; Inspector Strange and Inspector No One Very Important. Called that because Bones cannot remember his name. Of course, they ae very dim-witted compared to Sherlock Bones.

Characterisations are close to the traditional Doyle characters and the story is written in the first person by Dr Catson.

There are some delightful lines. My favourite is: On the way home, Bones became distracted by some chew toys in a shop window. His tongue hung out at the sight. And of course, Sherlock Bones says, “Elementary my dear Catson.”

Those of you who read the original Sherlock Holmes stories will remember the help he gets from the local street urchins called the Baker Street Irregulars; led by a boy called Wiggins. In Sherlock Bones these boys become a group of puppies called the Baker Street Regulars led by Waggins.

Having grown up with stories like the Secret Seven, the Famous Five, the Bobbsey Twins etc where I looked forward to reading the next great adventure I hope Lauren Baratz-Logsted continues to write her Sherlock Bones and Dr Catson stories for today’s generation.

Now please excuse me. I must read The Adventures of Sherlock Bones: Dog Not Gone and the next murder mystery for Bones and Catson to solve.

I received an Early Review Edition of this book from the publisher for a review.

I give The Adventures of Sherlock Bones: Doggone by Lauren Baratz-Logsted 5*