Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Show by John A Heldt

If you have read and enjoyed John Heldt’s book The Mine then you will certainly equally enjoy The Show. It is an excellent sequel to an excellent book.

There is some necessary recapping of The Mine storyline but Heldt keeps it short enough not to bore a reader familiar with Grace and Joel’s story but enough to set the scene for readers starting with this book.

It begins when Grace attempts to find her time travelling boyfriend. They had met in 1941 but he has decided to return to his own time 2000.

How they meet again in 2000 is creative, different and enjoyable.

Everything is perfect for the reunited couple. They marry and have twin daughters but once again, this time by accident, Grace enters a time portal and travel back to 1918.

Unable to return she starts a new life, meets family members and falls in love with a soldier returned from the war. She also discovers she is pregnant to Joel. But what decision would she make if an opportunity arises? I’ll leave the reader to discover that.

Heldt is a master story teller and the historical facts demonstrate his skills as a researcher. He cleverly weaves fiction with historical events. His characters are likeable and believable. His story telling is engrossing and it is easy to get lost in the story; feel the atmosphere, hear the sounds and experience life of the time.

Like his other stories you will guess and re-guess what the ending will be and I am guessing you won’t pick it, or even some of the twists and turns within the story.

I still have one more book of John Heldt’s to review and two more to read. I am already a big fan of his writing and hope he continues with stories of this quality. He deserves to become a best-selling author.

My rating 5*