Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Death of Anyone by DJ Swykert

Death of Anyone is a hard hitting police drama set in Detroit featuring Detective Bonnie Benham. Bonnie is a tough yet tender character especially given the crime she needs to solve; that of a child rapist/murderer. The other three detectives in the story support and admire Bonnie and she falls in love with one of them. The characters are true to life  and not at all glamorised.

DJ Swykert is a former 911 operator and clearly understands police procedure. The inclusion in the on-going real debate about using Familial DNA has the reader considering his own attitudes.

I enjoyed the story line and for the most part the writing but felt the quality of the goes from fairly ordinary writing to brilliant. These changes in style do not have a negative impact on story flow and being a well thought out story kept me intrigued. While I worked out “who-dun-it” the ending still surprised me.

I believe it could use some professional editing. It’s a good story and but needs some tweaking. I would certainly encourage the author to keep writing

It should be mentioned that there are some graphic descriptions, sexual relationships and language that may offend.

My rating 3 ½ * rounded up to 4 *