Sunday, 15 March 2015

Beyond the Ocean Blue by AG Smith

 The book description doesn’t give much away:
“An archaeologist has found a book which tells of a fallen civilization called America, so he sets out to discover it remnants, though fears he may only find the air of myth. He reaches a foggy shore patrolled by ghost crabs. It feels cold like a dead continent ………….”

I was intrigued but to say too give details here about the storyline of this book with its many absorbing developments would spoil the reading.  

The beginning had me confused - India, Spitfires, Nazis, 2022 – but still captivated me and grabbed my attention. Combined with highly descriptive, exciting writing I was engrossed and had to keep reading.

This is science fiction at its purest with plenty of action that holds the reader’s attention and keeps them guessing the twists adding to the excitement.

I had two problems with this book; science fiction is not a genre I generally read and as an Australian I was not sufficiently knowledgeable about American cultural and political to understand much of the story line.  However, I knew enough to enjoy the little bit of humour courtesy of George Bush speeches.

If you love science fiction I am sure you will enjoy Beyond the Ocean Blue

I have given Beyond the Ocean Blue 3 ½ stars rounded up to 4 because of my lack of knowledge and basic disinterest in sci-fi.

This book was provided to me for free for an honest and unbiased review.

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