Friday, 14 November 2014

The Morgenstern Murders: The Jonas McCleary Series, Vol. 2

This book is the sequel to The Sand Bluff Murders. Since resigning as Chief of Police in the quiet town of Sand Bluff, the main character, Jonas McCleary, is now a private investigator.

I have not read the first in the series but that has not lessened my enjoyment of this book.

His first case comes when an abortionist and his wife are murdered. The doctor’s clinics are the target of protestors. But are these protestors not as peaceful and caring of life as they claim or is the doctor’s daughter, Goldie, and her husband guilty because of the inheritance they gain? Goldie hires Jonas to prove her innocence. His investigation deepens when another body is found murdered.

Jonas is not a gun toting, heavy handed PI driving fast cars. He is an ordinary and very likeable man who uses his skills questioning the interesting collection of characters and his contact with the local police to unravel the clues and get the result.

He is also a family man but separated from his beloved family because of the need to earn a living. This warm story is cleverly intertwined with the mystery.

The story is told in the first person by Jonas giving the author the opportunity to clearly express his character’s musings about the case.

Albrecht’s detailed descriptions of mannerisms and thoughts give clear insight into the characters while his descriptions of scenes have the reader hearing and smelling the surrounds. This descriptive prose does not weigh the storyline down but provides the reader with clear images.

A well written book with a result I certainly didn’t pick.

My rating 4*