Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Dogs Don’t Look Both Ways by Jane Hanser

Joey is a very engaging chocolate Labrador with boundless energy and full of curiosity. 

He is very sociable and welcomes a game, petting or a treat from anyone. His greatest joy is the long early morning runs with his dad. 

But it is not enough; Joey is always looking for more fun and excitement. 

Dogs Don't Look Both Ways by Jane Hanser is an absolutely delightful story of her adventurous dog. The story is told by Joey himself.

It does not just relate  Joey’s escapades; it is a heart-warming tale of the love and dedication between a dog and his people (Mum and Dad) It is also very suitable for children.
Jane’s writing is as enjoyable as Joey’s story. While I am certain Joey dictated the story to Jane it was Jane’s writing skills that polished the book.

Beautiful and clear descriptions associated with scenery, change of seasons and all the  sights, sounds and (because it is told by Joey) smells of Joey’s world have the reader right there in Boston with Joey and his Mum and Dad.

In addition to being a good read, as a former Belgian Shepherd Breeder I believe this book should be essential reading for anyone who has or is planning to buy a working dog or high energy breed. It demonstrates the importance of understanding their personality, much of which is passed down through the breed lines.

It was only through their understanding of the Labrador breed (evident when Joey talks about his ancestors) in addition to their boundless love for and dedication to their beautiful dog that Joey’s parents were able to get him through the trauma of his accident and resolve his seemingly limitless desire to seek out more fun, games and new friends.

I was so taken by Joey that I checked out the website and picked up Joey’s blog. There is more good advice about understanding a dog’s body language among the posts.

In closing I hope Jane and Joey don’t mind but I’d like to share my favourite paragraph in the book ; one that demonstrates how beautifully it is written:

“This was it. I was now initiated into a long and proud line of Retrievers, bred to run, to retrieve, to cross streams and valleys, to roam and sniff, to be a friend of men and women (and other dogs) and to be obedient and gentle. Today I was my father's son and my grandfather's grandson, my great-grandfather's great-grandson.”

Thank you Jane Hanser for sharing your wonderful Joey with all your readers.

My rating 5*