Thursday, 20 July 2017

Reverse Gear by TR Robinson

Reverse Gear is the second in the “Bitches Short Story Series”. Each story depicts how women can act in ways that fulfil the title of the series. Like the first story in the series, Her Next Door, it is drawn from the author’s own unusual life story.

Jealousy is generally the result of thoughts and feeling caused by insecurity, fear and anxiety. It is often related to a personal relationship. It is also the emotion that is the central emotion in Reverse Gear.

A beautiful woman, Tara, who works in the local pub is a popular topic of conversation with the men customers. In this story one wife’s jealousy goes to an extreme that threatens her marriage and Tara’s life.

Having experienced similar doubts about a relationship, although not the homicidal thoughts, I sympathised to some degree with the wives of the husbands.

At the same having had close men friends in my life I also understood the naivety of Tara and the impact that friendship can have on relationships. While Tara may be naïve about the impact her beauty and charm has on men, she is the one who sees the true feelings of love in the couple.

I won’t mention where the title comes from because that is giving away too much.

It is well written short story that I enjoyed reading in one sitting. It moves along smoothly and quickly without neglecting descriptions of emotions and thoughts. The physical side of romance is treated tenderly and sensuously without any offence to the reader.

There is a moral and a lesson here that we could all heed in our relationships whether they are romantic, friendship or family.

This short story deserves its 5* rating.

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