Friday, 11 November 2016

Minkie Monster and the Birthday Surprise by Ceri Clark

Minkie Monster and the Birthday Surprise is the second children’s’ activity book by Ceri Clark I have reviewed.

Designed for children aged between three and six years old, it is a fun-filled, brightly coloured, activity book that educates and entertains.

The activities are linked through the story of how Minkie, the blue monster is invited to a party but cannot remember who it if for. He is unable to find his best friend, Bob, who is always hiding.

While it will amuse children on their own, because the puzzles get progressively more difficult it is an ideal platform for parents to spend time with their child and encourage reading, reasoning and learning.

Both the story line and writing style are well suited to the target age groups.

From the author’s website (the link is in the book) parents can download a black and white PDF version so puzzles can be used over again and the pages coloured in by your child.

My rating 4*

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