Sunday, 14 January 2018

The Extraction by Steven F. Freeman

I am using the author’s own precis. It is not only a good summary of the story line, it is also a good indication of the suspense the reader can expect and how well Freeman writes in this style.

An anonymous note launches ex-FBI criminal profiler Decimus Farr into a nightmare. His fiancée has been kidnapped, and Farr is given only twenty-four hours to follow and solve a trail of ten hidden clues, or she dies.

Identifying the abductor could provide Farr with a vital shortcut for locating his fiancée. But with each new clue connected to a different criminal from his past cases, which offender should he pursue?

With the window closing fast, Farr must race the clock to rescue his love…or be consumed by the madness and violence he had thought left behind.

If you enjoy shows about criminal profilers like Criminal Minds then you are sure to enjoy The Extraction.

The author doesn’t dawdle getting into the story with the opening line: Your fiancé dies in twenty-four hours reads the note.”  

Farr hasn’t used his profiling skills for three years but his former FBI profiling partner helps him solve the riddles.
Nothing is left for the reader to imagine. The scenery, actions and emotions are highly descriptive and have the reader spellbound.

The characters are well developed and likeable (well the goodies are).

The Extraction is an enthralling mystery thriller, full of suspense that has you guessing a new outcome with every chapter, but you will never guess the ending.

I have read several books by Steven F Freeman, all good but this is one of his best to date.

A very definite 5* rating from me