Sunday, 29 October 2017

Snake in the Grass by TR Robinson

Snake in the Grass is a biographical fiction short story, that is, a fictional story based on actual events.

Their daughter in law was not the type of girl they wanted for their son but for his sake they made her welcome. They trust in their son’s judgement but he is too cowardly to confront his wife and stop her from ill-treating his mother.

To hint at more of the story line would spoil it for the reader so I will just say it is a most interesting read and reminds us that we need to listen to our inner feelings and instincts.

While the author does not specify the country that the story takes place (her reasoning is explained in her first autobiographical book Tears of Innocence). This story is taken from the third book in that series ‘Lost Dreams’.
It is also interesting to read how situations are more complicated for those who live in rural districts, parochial communities and countries that don’t have the services of more affluent nations.

I love how the author ties chapter titles in with the book title eg – The Slither, The Spit and The Strike.

Snake in the Grass is the third short story in the author’s Bitches series and sits well with the first two, Her Next Door and Reverse Gear.

The e-book is currently on pre-order at the special price of $0.99/£0.99. Price will go up after publication on 14 November 2017.

My rating 4*

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