Thursday, 6 October 2016

Minkie Monster and the Lost Treasure by Ceri Clark

I don’t usually consider children’s books for review but I love activity books for children when they entertain and educate.  

Minkie Monster and the Lost Treasure does both, has a little moral at the end and introduces the child to rhyme.

It tells the story introducing a very cute monster named Minkie and his friend Bob who go looking for treasure under the sea.

The book is designed for children between 3 and 5 with the puzzles teaching reading and counting skills. The puzzles get more challenging towards the end and stimulate creativity and cognitive ability. From the author’s website (the link is in the book) parents can download a PDF version for puzzles to be used over again.

An added thought came to me when I finished this book. I was told recently by an occupational therapist that blue light from screens (TV, pads, phones) hinders sound sleep. With books like this, parents can get their kids away from all that and help their children to sleep more soundly.

My rating 4*

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