Saturday, 13 February 2016

Living with Dingoes by Gill Ryhorchuk

In Living with Dingoes Ryhorchuk tells of the steep learning curve she and her family experienced not just in relation to dingoes but as city dwellers moving to the country.

She and her family accrue years of experience with dingoes and she tells of the funny, sad, frustrating and worrying times of owning a dingo.

It is written in an easy to read style where the narratives of dingoes and her other animals are beautifully descriptive and easily imagined.

Living with Dingoes gives greater insight and understanding of this beautiful Australian native animal. It clearly describes dingo behaviour and mannerisms and I enjoyed reading about the varying personalities of Gillian’s dingoes

This is a must reading for anyone considering owning a dingo. In fact it should be compulsory reading for anyone considering a dingo as a pet as they are definitely not suited to many people.

I feel the most important message in the book is: “There is nothing wrong with the temperaments of nine out of ten dingoes. It is the people who need to be educated.”

If you are dog, horse, donkey, mule or hinny lover there is also plenty in the book for you too.

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My rating 4*

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